Top Gameboy Color ROMs for You

Today we will talk about the device Gameboy Color, the vibrant successor to the Gameboy Line, and the predecessor to the next-level version with the suffix Advance. Specifically, here we will give you a detailed account of top Gameboy Color ROMs that you can still enjoy.

The device also termed as GBC had a color screen different from the monochrome predecessor. Coming from the Nintendo, it was released in October 1998 in Japan.

Soon after its release, it became a sensation in gaming circles across the world. If you too had one in your childhood or teenage, chances are you loved it. You can still enjoy the same experience by using its ROMs via an emulator on your computer or mobile device.

Top Gameboy Color ROMs

Top Gameboy Color ROMs
These devices brought about 576 games during its four years period with a huge library of playable titles. Many of these were exclusive for the device while some had cross-device compatibility with their predecessor.

No matter what the title, they are easily available for you and you can explore these time-tested classics from sources like and more. So, let’s explore some gems from the era back that we think are still worth trying at this moment.

Pokémon Gold and Silver

Created by Game Freak and published by Nintendo, these titles spread the world over by the year 2021. This game introduced hundred new species of Pokémon and follow the progress of characters where it is all about enhancing the Pokémon battling.

Played from a third-person top top-down view, the player has to navigate the protagonist in the fictional universe while interacting with people and objects. As they traverse the varying landscape, they will eventually come across various species.

When the encounter is fated, the gameplay switches to a battle scene where the Pokémon. It has two game modes, both equally enthralling and engaging. Do try them out.

Mario Tennis

This is a role-playing game with a unique flavor. Here you will find a combo of Tennis playing and role-playing in one gameplay. From the start, you might wonder what this game has to do about Mario but wait for the revelations.

The players here reach the tennis academy. Here they must work hard to outrank other students, the competition could be in single-player or in double partner mode. The mechanics of the match are simple to master.

Here, in Mario Tennis, you have the slice and topspin options. So enjoy the game and improve your skills, it is not just maintaining your presence but outsmarting others.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

The games of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages under the umbrella of The Legend of Zelda are similar games that contain different items mechanics to differentiate. Here they are set apart from each other based on time constraints or seasons system.

Actions games in nature, here you have to control the protagonist from an overhead viewpoint.  So with two different plots and gameplays, you are up for a great experience on your device with these versions for sure.

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Tetris DX

Tetris is one of the defining features of this console same as Mario and others. It had predecessors with limited modes and a bland color scheme, it was not attractive as when it got on the Game Boy Color version.

With Tetris DX, we got vibrant colors with clear block lines where the maneuvering is more engaging and fun. Thus this puzzle game became a must-have with its DX edition.

Wario Land III

Here you are Wario, the fierce opponent of Mario. Your task is to free a very mysterious figure currently trapped in a music box.

So, here you must take the benefit of your enemy attacking you and switch to new areas and access them. For example, if you eat something left by an enemy, you might get double your current size. So it is all fun while in the gameplay.

With this enhanced power and improved protection, you can now break otherwise inaccessible blocks. So for progress in Wario Land III, you have to look forward to your enemies’ acts. In this way move one level after the other to the next without delay.

Harvest Moon GBC

An exception game for its time. The Harvest Moon GBC, which was specifically made for the Color version of the Console has amazing gameplay. Here you are able to select your gender role and name yourself.

Here the player gets a visit from his grandfather’s spirit, who is here to tell you that it is time to take over the farm. So he is here to urge you to become a Ranch Master. He will come back to check your progress at the end of each winter.

So to improve yourself and impress your grandfather’s spirit, you will have to grow crops, raise livestock and sell the product to increase your income. So if the spirit is impressed, you will be rewarded with more tools for the next growing season, if not, it is game over for you.


So here we discussed the top Gameboy Color ROMs that you can check out on your computer or mobile via an emulator and reminisce the pastime of your childhood. Tell us which one is your favorite title, by mentioning it in the comments below.