Top jobs that let you play with the latest tech

If you’re extremely tech savvy and want a chance to play with the latest gadgets and gizmos that surface on the market each year (or even month in some cases), you need quite a personal budget in order to afford such an expensive form of “playing around”.  Since it costs quite a lot of money to always be surrounded by the latest tech, it would be preferred if you could do that for a living, as in get paid to check out tech. That would help put food on the table and a new video card in the old PC case regularly enough. If you were tempted in trying out some professions that would put you in such a position, consider any one of the following.

Tech shop

One of the best ways to stay close to tech is by selling it. You’re not buying it for yourself, you are investing into a business. It’s a good way to remain surrounded by your favorite brands and manufacturers, all while making a decent buck. If you’re worried about the costs of actually opening a shop, don’t worry. Nowadays you can go solely on online business and building an online store site is a piece of cake these days. You don’t even need to create an entire website. You can just use some free themes for Shopify and you have a customized, fully operational online shop in no time.

Tech journalism

Most people have to choose between having a job and reading articles about what’s new in the tech world. However, a tech journalist would have the privilege of getting the best of both worlds. Getting paid to report on all the newest and most intriguing gadgets is no doubt something that many of you have already considered. If you manage to land a job with a big enough publication, there might even be some paid traveling included, as there are all sorts of tech conventions around the world where you need to be in order to cover what’s coming out next.

Tech blogging

This is definitely a more adventurous approach because you don’t really have any guarantee of getting paid. You can however score some major deals and end up making large amounts of money. But before that happens, there’s a lot of work to be done. Blogging is a little bit like journalism, granted you’re focusing on the journalistic area of blogging, where you cover news and discuss newsworthy topics. While there are equal opportunities in finding success as an independent blogger, you can easily start off as hosting a blog for an already established publication.

Tech engineer

If you’re really passionate and even have a distinct affinity for tech, you might aspire to become a tech engineer. All those fancy new graphics cards and 4K monitors you keep hearing about? You can be one of the people that make those, for other people to revel over. Of course, it might not be as easy as it sounds, but it’s not an impossible feat either. The secret is to work hard. Learning as much as possible from all sources is a requirement also, and remaining really enthusiastic about the topic helps even more.

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