Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

There is no one programming language that is better than others. The best language to use is often dictated by the situation. Most programmers find it best to learn a few different programming languages.

There are many online resources where you can find the best training for various programming languages. These sites include Upskilled which recently won best education and career site as listed on In order to make the most of this training, you need to understand which are the best programming languages to learn in 2019.


Python has been growing in popularity as a programming language in recent years and continues to do so. You can find it being used in many different situations, from using machine learning to developing desktop apps. Python is a good choice of programming language for novice developers to use because it’s relatively high level and easy to understand.


JavaScript is the most popular language with developers. This is because it forms part of the essential tools needed for current website development processes, together with HTML and CSS. For front end developers, knowledge of JavaScript is essential. It’s also becoming more essential for back-end developers.


Rust is a programming language that can be difficult for new developers to understand, due to its complexity. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular with experienced developers. Best suited for use when programming performance critical code, it helps to avoid many memory errors. It’s likely that Rust will continue to increase in popularity with developers.


Kotlin has risen to become one of the most popular programming languages around. It’s now recognised as the official language for Android development. One of the reasons that Kotlin has become so popular is that it can be used anywhere that Java is used and it’s able to work with all existing Java libraries.


C++ has been around for a long time now. It was first created as far back as 1985. Since then this programming language has retained a high level of popularity. This is due to its flexibility of use and it’s reliability. C++ is used in a variety of different situations, from developing most of Amazon’s well-known website to dealing with complicated mathematical solutions. In 2019, C++ is as popular as it’s ever been and it’s one of the languages that is most useful for a developer to learn.


On many occasions, the death knell has apparently been due to sound for Java. However, this programming language is still around and going strong. It’s a powerful language that has great cross platform capabilities. Many predicted that the growth in popularity of Kotlin would lead to a demise in Java but it’s still one of the most popular programming languages to learn in 2019.

If you are new to the world of programming, or simply want to expand your knowledge, these are the programming languages that you should put top of your list learn in 2019.

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