Top trends in custom web application development

When it comes to technology, things are so fluid and unpredictable. From time to time, technological progress surprises us and changes our world. The digital revolution continues to define trends and tempt us with new technologies that developers and programmers are crazy about. AngularJS development companies should not just follow trends, they should stay ahead of them. Today we will tell you about the popular areas of web development and web design.

Artificial intelligence and bots

Artificial intelligence is an imitation of human intelligence and the performance of cognitive functions by powerful computers. AI has the ability to learn, collect data, analyze, understand emotions, and solve complex problems. The need for communication solutions with support for artificial intelligence, solutions for automating tasks and analytics has become widespread.

We are already seeing how chatbots, virtual assistants and voice robots are helping businesses to more actively engage target audiences and stimulate social interaction. Their evolution has provided new opportunities for a universal channel for digital customer service and guaranteed consistency between voice, chat, messaging and websites. You can find more articles on this topic here

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are still at their peak. They load like regular web pages but have a high level of functionality. Another advantage of them is that they load instantly, regardless of network conditions and browser selection. PWAs provide instant, independent and reliable user experience with no cache issues. They are safe to use because they work over HTTPS to prevent content tracking and data tampering. In addition, progressive web applications are simple and easy to use and install, which enhances the capabilities of existing web technologies with service jobs and other built-in functionality. It can be passed through a URL and can re-engage users with web push notifications.

Single page application

A Single Page Application (SPA) is a JavaScript-based web application that works well on user devices. This improves performance, minimizes interruptions due to page reloads, and reduces web development time by responding to navigation actions without generating a server-side fetch request for new HTML. Single page apps are a great choice when building responsive websites to support mobile apps, tablet apps and desktop apps.

Motion UI

Given the high demand for interactive web design, Motion UI technology has hit the trend for dynamic graphics, stunning animations, and a real impact on usability. It demonstrates the developer’s ability to tell visual stories while communicating with the viewer using a variety of tools and techniques. Motion UI provides smooth transition effects in the user interface. It is one of the fastest growing libraries as it allows developers to animate content as easily as possible without even having a solid foundation in JavaScript or jQuery.


Ever since website hacking, data leakage and theft, and other cybercrimes have posed a terrible threat to technological and scientific progress. Information technology protections (IT security) are computer systems that protect against data theft, disruption, and damage to hardware, software, or electronic data.