Top WiFi Boosters and Gadgets to Increase Internet Speed

Whether you live in a big city or rural area, chances are you want to better internet connectivity. Now you can. See which are the best WiFi boosters here.

37% of American broadband users think their WiFi connection isn’t fast enough. That’s because it isn’t.

A WiFi network relies on several essential parts. One weak link can lead to intermittent latency, high ping, and slow download speeds. If you experience one of these complications, you can say goodbye to movie streaming and online gaming.

However, there’s a simple solution to your problem — several, in fact. WiFi boosters come in several different models and promise to improve internet connectivity. And when those fail, there are other methods of bolstering your network speeds. The issue could be with your ISP or down to the signal strength of your WiFi hub. To determine where the problem lies, you should start by running a speed test whilst plugged in via an ethernet cable, if the speed is good then you will need to look at getting a Wifi booster. If the speed is bad, you should look at changing your ISP. Which network gadget is right for your dilemma? Let’s find out. Read on and unlock the secret to blazing-fast WiFi connections.

What Are WiFi Boosters?

A WiFi booster is any device that strengthens or extends a wireless network. But many WiFi boosters function in remarkably different ways. For you, the consumer, that means some WiFi boosters will work better than others.

There are two different types of WiFi signal boosters: WiFi repeaters and WiFi extenders.

A WiFi repeater syncs to an existing WiFi connection. You set this gadget up in an area of your home with poor signal strength. Once it connects to your network, the device will project a new one with normal speeds.

This new network will fill the dead zones of your home, allowing you better internet connectivity in previously inaccessible areas. Since it makes a new network, it halves your bandwidth.

In contrast, WiFi extenders require an ethernet connection. But once connected, they’ll expand the size of your original network, rather than making a new one.

It should be said that WiFi boosters cannot make your wireless connection more powerful than intended. For example, a slow internet plan will not become faster thanks to the use of these devices. You’ll need faster service for faster internet speeds. That’s not always available, especially in rural areas where access to reliable internet services from your local internet provider can be limited. There are other options. Consider using a satellite internet service to stream WiFi straight to your door. If you’re curious about satellite internet, then find out more.

The Top WiFi Boosters

Companies market their WiFi boosters as extenders, repeaters, and amplifiers without care for the terminology. Keep this in mind as you scroll through this list. Although a device may refer to itself as an extender, it may rely purely on a wireless connection.

  1. TP-Link RE450

It’s hard to ask for a better WiFi booster than the TP-Link RE450. Installation is a pinch thanks to a visible strength indicator on the device. This makes it easy to find the prime setup location. More impressive than the setup is the RE450’s throughput. It matches the original network strength, which is the most you can ask out of a WiFi booster.

Keep in mind that the trident-like design makes this device heavy at the top. Since you anchor it in an outlet, it’s not the best fit. You need to take care not to fiddle with the RE450 or it may slip out of the socket.

  1. Netgear Nighthawk X6S EX8000

The price tag on the Nighthawk EX8000 will shock you almost as much as its performance. It’s a sleek model with unparalleled speed and performance. It boasts a range extension of 2,500 square feet and handles 50 devices.

Unlike many other WiFi boosters, the Nighthawk has 4 ethernet ports. This allows you the flexibility of turning your WiFi connection into a hardwired one. And with so many ports, you won’t have to fiddle with your wired devices.

  1. Linksys RE7000

There’s a lot to love about the Linksys RE7000. Its best quality is its size. It’s a small box without the added weight of any external antennas.

When you want a simple, understated option, there’s no better contender. Most WiFi boosters tend to be bulky eyesores. But this design comes at a price. Setup is more complicated since there’s no signal strength indicator. Get ready to fiddle with its anchor point until you find the best spot for your living situation.

  1. Netgear EX6200

The Netgear EX6200 is a desktop booster that looks like a router — and it acts like one too. With five ethernet ports, this thing can accommodate your next LAN party. And although it’s bulky, it has a sleek, modern design that isn’t terrible to look at. Its Mu-MIMO technology means it can handle the stress of simultaneous users. Thus, it’s the perfect option for a large household. For a low-end price, the Netgear EX6200 offers some high-end performance.

  1. Amped Wireless ATHENA AC2600

With four powerful antennas, nothing compares to the range of the ATHENA AC2600. It can support an extended network by up to 15,000 square feet. You’d think it would come at the cost of power, but the throughput performance is still there. As long as your internet plan can handle it, this thing can stream HD videos and movies without a hitch. However, this is the most expensive WiFi booster on our list. The MU-MIMO technology also leaves something to be desired, as it’s more potent on other boosters.

In the digital age, poor connectivity impacts our lives. It means missing out on new shows, streaming Freevee with fiber internet, current events, or the latest games. And in some scenarios, slow internet speeds can exile us from the rest of society.

Stay connected with the help of any of these WiFi boosters. And if your internet service plan is slow, consider upgrading to satellite internet instead. Looking for news about the latest gadgets and technologies? Take a look around our website for more.

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