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TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home WiFi System Review

Deco Settings & Management
When you open up the Deco app up the main screen will tell you a few different things. You’ll be able to see all the Deco’s you have in your network with the option to add more Deco’s if you wish. Below that you’ll see your current internet speed for upload and download. Then you’ll be able to see how many different devices are on the network and finally there is a small button for settings. One other thing I noticed was that when a device connects to the networking the app sends me a notification, which is pretty cool.

Next we can jump into WiFi Settings. Here you can change your network name, password, and turn on a guest network.

Parental Controls are very easy to setup. They allow you to filter content, limit time spent online, and check internet history. The way you set up these controls you create unique profiles for each of your family members.

Deco has built-in Antivirus, which is powered by Trend Micro. It includes a Malicious Content Filter, Intrusion Prevention System, and a Infected Device Quarantine, all of which can be toggled on and off.

QoS allows you to prioritize your online activity depending on what you do. There are different profiles for gaming, streaming, surfing, chatting, and you can set your own custom one.

In the advanced settings you can change IPv4 and IPv6 settings, LED control on the units, and notifications. The notifications include when a new device is detected on the network, firmware updates, and monthly reports. Each of these can be toggled on an off.

Update of course will check for the latest firmware for your Deco and enable you to update the system.

Finally we have Managers. Here you can setup different managers for your Deco system. This is great as you can add other family members so they can make changes to Deco if you are not around.

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