Transactions Over No Counter: Best Ways to Collect Payments for Your Online Business

Amid this global crisis, where we are mostly dwelling inside the solace of our homes, we are inescapably immersing ourselves in the sensation of the age of what they call the ”new normal.” Due to the constraints this situation manifests, we have to confront life with physical contactless deals.

You might be reckoning the means of how you are going to proceed with sending and collecting payments without processing through an over-the-counter setting. Businesses must withstand through alternative ways of exchange. Take a peek at this selection of styles to collect payments even without going outside.

Furnish an Online Payment Processing Tool

Online business platforms are now widespread in the industry. In the realm of online business, the merchant and the customer play crucial roles along the cycle. Each function pursues security for their grant on the exchange.

It’s best for merchants to provide a variety of online payment tools for their clients. Upon checkout, buyers will be able to select a platform and register the cash straight  to the account of the merchant. A variety of payment methods in your checkout design would render a hassle-free bargain.

If you’re after time and cost savings, with less than three seconds after checking out, the transaction will be smooth, favoring both you and your client’s interest. This is a prerequisite you have to comply with if you wish to summon multiple clients for your business.

Email Invoicing

Postal invoice delivery takes time to arrive in your customer’s mailboxes. Especially if you are negotiating through an installment scheme, email invoicing could be a positive strategy to notify your customer with their bills and collect their payments as well straight through it.

Electronic mails offer you features of sending automated due dates to your valued customers. No matter how they want to settle their charges, the invoice in emails is excellent in bringing about convenience for both you and your client.

This is an exceptional click to pay option you could include in your agreement with your customer if you are into a series of payment transfers. Aside from these attributes, email invoicing appears more professional and proper.

SMS Text Payments

The text messaging technology is a multipurpose arena for wide-ranging communication. Though the internet is the freshest outlet for messaging, SMS texting is not yet eliminated in the competition. Especially for mobile cellphone users, this remains a hot item.

Existing mobile payment providers will serve as the filler of the gap between the merchant and the client. A dashboard will be provided as well in order to keep track of the history and update of payments. A number will also be assigned where the customer will deliver a code directed to processing the payment promptly.

Another good aspect is the canned responses where frequently asked questions regarding customer service will be automatically addressed synchronously. You’ll be able to collect payments through text messages while offering a cost-effective and convenient tool for your clients.


As a substitute for paper checks, e-checks are now one of the options for online businesses. Aside from it being paperless, it also extends another level of security for its users. It involves a digital system where everything comes to terms with just a progression of clicks.

Typically, e-checks take longer than any other form of online payment. For the record, it would usually take 7-10 working days for it to be complete. Nevertheless, it’s credible and valid for those who demand security of the transaction over anything else.

Continuous collection of payment is also practical in e-checks. Most notably, for online subscriptions of services and applications, e-checks promise a reputable platform. Later on,  e-check will take over and will completely replace paper checks. That is a prophecy in the financial industry we can’t refute.

Mobile Payments

Portable devices such as cellphones and gadgets are now essential human possessions. Everything comes handy with these practical gadgets. Luckily, you can indulge in the unique traits of this gift of today’s digital assembly because of its extensive availability.

In this digital epoch, data encryption is an issue we are all concerned about. No one would want to renounce security over convenience, right? Mobile payments might sound speculative, but it pledges the total opposite. It won’t turn you down if you are expecting a hard layer of insurance.

Biometrics and PIN codes are security protocols starred by mobile payments. As a user of this tool, you need to take your measures, such as shifting into a safe browsing mode and even using virtual private networks. Convenience comes with a personal obligation. You just need to do your part in order to bolster the security system.


Merchants hanker after the confidence that they will acquire the fee for their products or services delivered. On the other hand, for customers, it’s the commitment that their payment will be worth what they purchased. One common denominator is that both want their money to be transmitted and procured safely.