Two New Cooler Master CPU Coolers Revealed: MasterAir MA610P, MA410P

Cooler Master has just revealed two new tower-style coolers in the form of the MasterAir MA610P and MasterAir MA410P. Both of these coolers use Cooler Master’s CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) 2.0 technology, which increases surface area by 45% compared to the first iteration of the technology.

masterair ma610p 1

The first cooler is the larger MA610P, which features a dual RGB fan push-pull configuration. It also looks like there are some accent lights and the logo lights up with RGB lighting as well. The RGB lighting is compatible with all major motherboard RGB software out there.

masterair ma610p 2

The large cooler has a tower design with six heatpipes that will make direct contact with your CPU. It has official dimensions of 166.5 mm x 130.0 mm x 112.8 mm (HxWxD). Based on its size you are definitely going to want to make sure it will fit in your system.

masterair ma610p 3

Next up we have the MasterAir MA410P, which is the successor to the ever popular MasterAir Pro 4.

masterair ma410p 1

This cooler is smaller and features only a single RGB fan. It has four heatpipes that make direct contact with the CPU and go up into the tower heatsink. This cooler should be great for all builds and it is likely to be as popular as the MasterAir Pro 4 was.

masterair ma410p 2 masterair ma410p 3

No word yet on pricing, but both coolers will come with a 2-year warranty. Check out the product pages for the MasterAir MA610P, and MasterAir MA410P.

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