Types of Items in Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular games right now, even if it’s not the latest triple-A release. Why? Because it’s so damn fun, the community is bonkers, and there are more additional items than you can ever hope to achieve.

Collectors love Rocket League. Why do collectors love Rocket League? Because there’s so much fun stuff to collect in this game that it’s insane. From wheels to cool toppers, fun-looking decals to funky paint jobs, and even some of the most excellent cars of your childhood dream – they have it all in Rocket League.

In this article, we’ll explore the items in Rocket League, define what differentiates them, as well as explore what makes them more valuable.

Rocket League Gets New Items Each Patch

Rocket League didn’t come out yesterday. It has a well-established fanbase, a very active community, and the developers are working diligently to improve the game all of the time. With so many things going on in the game, the devs release a patch and update every so often.

Aside from adding new features and fixing any bugs in the game, the developers add a bunch of new items with each patch. Patches tend to happen quite frequently in the Rocket League world, and that’s why there is such a vast selection of items in the game.

With a range of categories and rarity items, expanding on the existing catalog of things makes it that much more pronounced, diverse, and prominent.

Collecting all items in Rocket League is practically impossible – there’s a considerable amount of them and tons more are being added all the time. The best part is that thr trend hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down.

Types of Items by Category

Now, the easiest way to differentiate the many items in Rocket League is by category. Below, we’ll outline all types of Rocket League items and tell you a bit about each one of them.


Wheels are the most common and popular type of Rocket League items, and they’re pretty self-explanatory. Rocket League is a massive soccer game played by vehicles, and if you want to pimp your ride, you best get some cool rims.

Wheels come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles, and adding a fresh pair of kicks to your ride can transform your gameplay for the better.


Now, a far more slick and subtle item than the wheels has to be the antenna. The antenna is a small but long part of your car that is always in sight but is genuinely missed by many players unless you change the stock one out for an excellent antenna.

The stock antenna is pretty dull and basic, and that’s why a lot of Rocket League players spruce their ride up with fun, cool-shaped, and wacky colored antennas.

Rocket Trail

The rocket trail isn’t necessarily an item on your car as much as it is an effect. When your car reaches top-speeds, it will leave a trail behind it, and depending on what you have equipped, it can either be the dull stock one or an interesting aftermarket one.

There are all kinds of trails available in Rocket League; some make your car rip through the course while others make it look like you’re going at supersonic speeds.


One of the things that have defined customizable items in games was hats. TF2 was the first game that made hats famous, but when Rocket League devs started thinking about incorporating them into the game, they had a tough time.

In Rocket League, you’re not a human, you’re a vehicle – but no known rule says cars can’t have wacky hats. Toppers are hats for your car that can make it look as silly or as relaxed as you want.


Decals aren’t only a part of the Rocket League world, as they’re huge in the tuner scene around the globe. Decals are an easy and straightforward way to add some personalization to your vehicle without going with a complete paint job.


However, if decals don’t make your vehicle all that personalized, you might want to opt for an entire paint job. Paint Jobs are pretty self-explanatory, as they’re an efficient way to change the color and texture of your entire vehicle.


You can buy different cars in Rocket League. By far the most expensive item out of the lot, but it completely transforms the way your ride looks, as it changes it from the ground up!

Types of Items by Rarity

Now, aside from the item category, Rocket League has a system that assigns a rarity to each item, which is as follows.

Common Items

Common items are the most widespread items in the game. They’re also the most affordable kind of item in Rocket League, and you can cop one on RL Trading websites for next to no money.

Uncommon Items

Uncommon items are a bit rarer than common items, but you still see them regularly. These cost more money than the standard items, and their drop rate is lower.

Exotic Items

Exotic items are the rarest items in Rocket League and are by far the coolest. These have the slightest drop chance but have the most work put into them to make them as appealing and mesmerizing as possible. If you see someone rocking an exotic item or a set of exotic items, you best believe they’ve either paid a lot to look like that, or they are absolute pros at the game.

In Conclusion

Rocket League is a haven for all kinds of players. It’s great for people who are into racing games because it has some racing elements, it’s fantastic for those who like sports games as it’s a sports game itself, and it’s an excellent pick for those who are in it to win it due to the competitive nature of the game.

However, competition and gameplay aside, if you want to make your car look that much cooler and personalize it as much as possible, you’ll have to dip your toes in the RL marketplace and get yourself some outstanding items, all of which we’ve explored in this article!