Unboxing the Thermaltake Dr. Power II

Have you ever been troubleshooting your PC and you end up finding it is your power supply? You probably came to that conclusion by testing the system with another power supply. Instead of going to all of that trouble Thermaltake has the perfect device, the Dr. Power II Universal Power Supply Tester. The Dr. Power II not only will tell you if you power supply is faulty or not it will also give you the voltage readings. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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Provided By: Thermaltake
Info: Dr. Power II is a fully automated power supply tester that enables users to easily and quickly determine if a power supply is defective or not. Cutting overall troubleshooting time considerably. Oversized easy-to-read LCD display and audible alarm helps user determine the exact cause of the failure, if there is one. An indispensible tool for any PC enthusiast or gamer!

– Designed from the ground-up to support every ATX power supply available today up to ATX12V v2.3.
– Oversized LCD panel that accurately shows the value of each specific power rails (within one-tenth of a volt).
– Accurate voltage indicating for +12V/+5V/+3.3V/5VSB/-12V.
– Built-in output connectors diagnostic system, low-voltage, high-voltage, no voltage, PG alarm systems.
– Easily troubleshoots system failure due to unstable power supply.
– Built-in alarm system to identify user when the power supply demonstrates abnormal characteristic.

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