Une Bobine iPhone 5s Stand / Charge Cable Review

Final Thoughts
It is always interesting to see such a simple product come out and solve multiple problems. As I said earlier in this review if you’ve owned an Apple mobile product you know the included charging / sync cable is not going to last that long. So the first problem that the Une Bobine solves is giving you a quality iPhone charging / sync cable that can take a beating. Both connections are heavy duty and are not going to break. On top of that the cable itself is made of metal!

The second problem that the Une Bobine solves is that it gives you a “stand” for your iPhone. Not just some stationary stand though, the way the Une Bobine is designed it enables you to move your iPhone around to the perfect locations. You can use the Une Bobine on your desk, on a nightstand, even if your car! It really is that versatile. Having your iPhone at eye level makes checking messages extremely easy, and of course makes things safer if you are in a car as you are not reaching down for your phone to check it. Also having your iPhone on a stand means that you can easily watch media or have a FaceTime call without having to hold your phone.

The Une Bobine is the perfect addition to any mobile Apple user’s accessories and I haven’t stopped using it since I got it in to review. The version that we reviewed is currently selling for $34.95 at my favorite online retailer. That price is justified as Apple charges $19 for their own lightning cable. There are also iPhone 4/4s and MicroUSB versions of the Une Bobine, which sell for $19.95 each.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Une Bobine iPhone 5s Stand / Charge Cable a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award.

– Heavy duty design
– A stand and a charging cable
– Design allows you to position it anyway you want
– Works with most iPhone cases that have an open bottom

– None that I found

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