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iPhone 5S
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iPhone 5S Available for Under $100 At Many Stores

With the rumors swirling about Apple getting ready to launch a new iPhone in the coming months, it seems that many places have been cutting the price of the device, making it very affordable. The biggest markdown has been by Walmart.

Une Bobine iPhone 5s Stand / Charge Cable
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Une Bobine iPhone 5s Stand / Charge Cable Review

If you’ve ever owned an Apple mobile product whether its an iPod, iPhone or iPad there is one thing I’m sure you know, Apple’s supplied sync and charging cable is garbage. I can’t tell you how many I’ve gone through since first owning an iPhone. Well today we are looking at a pretty cool and heavy duty iPhone 5s sync / charging cable that also acts as a stand for your device. The Une Bobine actually started as a Kickstarter campaign as was fully funded so many people were anxious to get their hands on one. Well today we have our chance, let’s jump in!

iPhone 5s 24ct Gold
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iPhone 5s Now Available in 25ct Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Versions

The newest tradition of having popular phones and other gadgets adorned with gold and other expensive stones had taken quite a toll in this market and caused quite a stir among the much privileged ones to whom this activity was targeted towards. Gold Genie is the name behind all this hype created quite some time ago when this was a new trend for people and now it is has set out to work with Apple’s latest creation; the next generation iPhone 5s.

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Hackers Offer Crowdfunded Bounty To Crack Apple’s TouchID For The iPhone 5S

The research of these two specialists is being supported by the website "". Anyone willing to take on this challenge will be awarded with a cash amount which is slowly building up on the site. To make contributions to this donation which will support the research of these two security specialists, volunteers must quote their contribution on Twitter with the special hash tag #istouchidhackedye with a minimum amount of $50.

What You Need to Know About the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

What You Need to Know About the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

As expected earlier today Apple announced not just one, but two new iPhone models. This is the first time they have ever done such a thing. The two new models are the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C is the lower cost “poor man’s” iPhone and the iPhone 5S is the true successor to the current iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S will become the new flagship iPhone, but should you get that or the iPhone 5C? Read on as we go over all of the features of both phones so you can make the decision on what phone is best for you.

iPhone 5S Specifications
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iPhone 5S Specification Sheet Leaks

Apple is expected to announce their new smartphones tomorrow, but it seems a new leak has just emerged that gives us even more information on the upcoming iPhone 5S. If this leak turns out to be true the iPhone 5S is going to be pretty boring, merely a simple upgrade, but that is what we expect from Apple right?

Gold iPhone 5S
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Leaked Photos Of The Rumored Gold iPhone 5S Back Housing

iPhone 5S in the pictures have its white plastic panels on the back. The rest of the back is slightly gold colored though the lighting in the photos is not very ideal. The upper part of the back also has a hole for the dual LED flash which is next to the camera. The Sim card tray and the buttons are seen in the pics too but are not installed. Not to forget the previously leaked photos did not show these missing parts.

iPhone 5S Chassis
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Photos of Apple iPhone 5S Chassis Components Surface

Earlier we have come across rumors like dual Led flash and a fingerprint scanner, and now leaked components of the next generation iPhone show clear signs of some changes on the top of the back and around the home button. Moreover we can see that the mounting points for the motherboard have been moved around a little and these little changes confirm that we might see dual led flash or a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S.

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