Hackers Offer Crowdfunded Bounty To Crack Apple’s TouchID For The iPhone 5S

Many fans are excited with the introduction of the fingerprint security feature in Apple’s latest iPhone 5s. For quick and effortless access to the phone’s main screen, users who wish to keep their phones locked at all times will no longer have to worry about wasting time typing in the respective passwords. Instead, with this Fingerprint Security feature in 5s, the user’s thumb impression will be the only thing required to unlock the phone. The fingerprint security feature isn’t a new one but because it was something coming from the great masterminds of Apple, it had to be something poles apart from the ordinary and super amazing; the place for the finger impression is totally invisible on the screen.


Though the newest technology has been designed and dwelled into the phone purely with the intention of providing comfort to the users, some are of the view that the fingerprint security option might not be so secure after all. Especially if we compare it with the password locked screens, which are far more difficult to break into as compared to these fingerprint locked ones. Though there has never been any case of such a thing happening in the real world, two security specialists, Robert David Graham and Nick Depetrillo, only want to consider the possibility of this happening ever. Whatever we’ve learnt from the movies, all you have to do is replicate someone’s fingerprint and gain access to their phones. The research of these two specialists is being supported by the website “IsTouchIDHackedYet.com”. Anyone willing to take on this challenge will be awarded with a cash amount which is slowly building up on the site. To make contributions to this donation which will support the research of these two security specialists, volunteers must quote their contribution on Twitter with the special hash tag #istouchidhackedye with a minimum amount of $50.

Source: IsTouchIDHackedYet | News Archive