iPhone 5s Now Available in 25ct Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Versions

The newest tradition of having popular phones and other gadgets adorned with gold and other expensive stones had taken quite a toll in this market and caused quite a stir among the much privileged ones to whom this activity was targeted towards. Gold Genie is the name behind all this hype created quite some time ago when this was a new trend for people and now it is has set out to work with Apple’s latest creation; the next generation iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s 24ct Gold

After the customization of the HTC One, Gold Genie is looking forward to bring the ‘richer’ version of iPhone 5s. The phone which was launched just a few days back will now have its moneyed version in 24 carat. The front facing part of the phone will remain in its traditional black or white while the middle, back and the sleek sides will be plated with the 24 carat gold ornamentation. One of the most interesting features of the new iPhone allows the phone to be unlocked and used for all networks across the globe without the need for any SIM insertion.

iPhone 5s Rose Gold

iPhone 5s Platinum

Three varying models of the iPhone 5s will be available in this gold edition. The phone will be available in three different versions of pure gold, platinum and rose gold. Prices for these versions have been listed below for the 16 GB models (32 GB and 64 GB are also available):

• The gold edition is for £1,781 (which is about $2,853)
• The platinum based model is for £1,865 (approximately $2,988)
• And the rose gold variant will cost £1,831 (about $2,934)

Source: GSMArena | News Archive