Thursday, August 16, 2018

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30th Anniversary Case Brought to In Win Booth for CES 2016

In Win strikes again at CES with another great chasis, this one was built to celebrate their 30th anniversary and it's a familiar refresh called the H-Frame 2.0. This gold colored case is an open air chassis constructed from several aluminum plates that are sandwiched vertically to give support to the interior of the case.

iPhone 5s 24ct Gold
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iPhone 5s Now Available in 25ct Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Versions

The newest tradition of having popular phones and other gadgets adorned with gold and other expensive stones had taken quite a toll in this market and caused quite a stir among the much privileged ones to whom this activity was targeted towards. Gold Genie is the name behind all this hype created quite some time ago when this was a new trend for people and now it is has set out to work with Apple’s latest creation; the next generation iPhone 5s.

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