Eurocom Announces the The Most Powerful 15″ Laptop on the Planet

Taking the lead with the proud introduction of the largest workstation of the world, Eurocom is surely coming to terms with its own industry and it won’t be long before Eurocom will be considered as a name falling in the top most famous technological innovators. The name has not been considered often but this image is soon going to change as Eurocom takes a step further ahead with the surprising pounce into the gaming industry. And within no time, Eurocom has come up again with yet another world’s first; the Eurocom X3 Gaming Laptop which has been tagged as the most powerful 15 inch laptop in not only the gaming industry but the entire computing world.

Eurocom X3

With its powerful introduction into the gaming world, the new gaming laptop is ready to pose as a challenge for even the most renowned and well established names in this gaming market such as Alienware. All the existing gaming giants are moving behind the curtains with their contemporary approaches and it was a hard competition after every other manufacturer was deciding to enter the gaming industry with newest notebooks. But all these have been faced with the challenge of facing this newest competitor which is quite different than the rest and has taken a step further and brought something out of the box. The sole purpose of the Cue Eurocom’s X3 Gaming Laptop was to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming power which will all be in their hands with this newest invention from Eurocom.

Eurocom X3

The points below shed light on the specifications of the Eurocom X3.

• 15.6 inch display to be exact with 1920-by-1080 pixels
• Matte or Glossy and LED Backlit Display
• Equipped with Intel HM87 Haswell Mobile Express Chipset
• 4th Generation Intel Mobile i7 Core
• Memory supports up to 32 GB
• 4 RAM sockets
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M, 770M and 765M with Optimus and Turbo Boost 2.0

Source: Eurocom | News Archive