AMD’s Matt Skynner Gives Details About Hawaii GPU Pricing

In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Matt Skynner who is the corporate vice president and general manager at AMD’s Graphics Business gave some insight about the price of the next generation Hawaii GPU pricing. Over the past few weeks we have heard rumors that it would be the same as NVIDIA’s Titan ($999) or that it would cost far less around $500-%650. Here is what Matt had to say about that in his interview…

You’re holding a press event in the near future to discuss your next-generation Radeon series, but what can you tell me right now?

“They’re coming in Q4. I can’t reveal a pricepoint but we’re looking at more traditional enthusiast GPU pricepoints. We’re not targeting a $999 single GPU solution like our competition because we believe not a lot of people have that $999. We normally address what we call the ultra-enthusiast segment with a dual-GPU offering like the 7990. So this next-generation line is targeting more of the enthusiast market versus the ultra-enthusiast one.


So it looks like we will see a much lower price for the Hawaii GPU. Only a couple of days till AMD’s live event! Who is excited?!

Source: Forbes | News Archive

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