AMD GPU ’14 Tech Day Livestream – What to Expect

In just about 6 hours AMD’s GPU ’14 Tech Day will start and be live streamed straight from Hawaii. This is a huge day for AMD and they will be announcing a new graphics card series “Volcanic Islands” after a 2 year hiatus. What a better place to announce this new graphics card series than the volcanic islands of Hawaii.

AMD GPU '14 Tech Day

Having the conference in Hawaii and all the hype around it makes this one of the most important presentations not only for AMD, but for the tech industry in general. We expect the AMD “Hawaii” architecture to be announced today. From what we have heard the Hawaii architecture is based on a 28nm process and the die size is only 420mm2, which makes it about 30% smaller than NVIDIA’s GK110 core. Just yesterday we revealed that AMD’s Matt Skynner said that the card would not have the ultra-enthusiast price of $999, but rather a more mainstream price. We are expecting a price ranging from $549 – $649.

You can check out the livestream here below

We always urge you to wait till we get the official specifications from companies on new products. But this image was leaked last night that might give some more insight on the specifications of the Hawaii GPU.


Another thing that we do know is the naming scheme of these new cards is different. AMD will be moving away from the Radeon HD **** naming scheme and this new series will be called the R-200 series. AMD will most likely be announcing Tahiti, Curacao, Bonaire, and Oland based graphics cards as well.

Besides the announcement of the new graphics cards AMD will also be showcasing new gaming technologies related to OpenCL and DirectX 11.2. We know that AMD’s Ruby demo will be back in the form of a new tech demo based off Cyrtek’s CryEngine 3. We expect to see a lot of Battlefield 4 at this event too!

Today is a very exciting day for the entire PC gaming community so keep checking back as we will have all of the details for you when they are revealed later today.

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