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AMD R9 290X
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AMD Radeon R9 290X Flagship Graphics Card Detailed

With the announcement of AMD's R9 and R7 "Volcanic Islands" graphics cards AMD has a new flagship graphics card, the R9 290X. This today is currently the most powerful single GPU graphics card available. Read on to see all of the details about this awesome new card from AMD.

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AMD’s Matt Skynner Gives Details About Hawaii GPU Pricing

In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Matt Skynner who is the corporate vice president and general manager at AMD's Graphics Business gave some insight about the price of the next generation Hawaii GPU pricing. Over the past few weeks we have heard rumors that it would be the same as NVIDIA's Titan ($999) or that it would cost far less around $500-%650. Here is what Matt had to say about that in his interview...

AMD Curacao Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Card
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AMD Curacao Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Card Pictured

Recently we have been hearing about quite some leaked details of the AMD’s upcoming versions of the Hawaii and Oland GPU and one more thrill for the fans arrives with the freshest leaks of the latest of all AMD’s Curacao Pro graphics card which will be coming out soon in its Pro and XT models. This latest mid range Curacao will replace the existing Radeon HD 7800 ‘Pitcairn’ based GPU and has already has its images leaked on a number of websites.

HIS Radeon R7-240 ICEQ
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HIS Radeon R7-250 Oland XT and R7-240 Oland Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Cards Pictured

HIS seems to be making quite the impact with their newest still to be released graphics cards. The Hong Kong based company famous for its graphics cards will soon announce the release of the two new Radeon R7-250 Oland XT and R7-240 Oland Pro Graphic Cards with completely new GPUs designed by HIS. Being a varying model of the Cape Verde, the two graphic cards are much faster than the Radeon HD 7770 and Radeon HD 7750 but they still remain behind the Radeon HD 7790 which was based on the Bonaire XTX.

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HIS Accidently Posts AMD R-200 Series Graphic Cards SKUs

HIS has made the mistake of placing the placeholders on its website for many of the different AMD Radeon Rx 200 series video cards. They immediately realized that they were letting out information AMD did not want consumers to know before the Volcanic Islands launch so those placeholders were removed. That did not stop people from taking screenshots and noting the different models.

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AMD To Start Mass Shipping of Hawaii GPU in Early October

We know that AMD will be announcing their Volcanic Islands based Hawaii GPU in Hawaii on September 25th. After the announcement AMD plans to mass ship the card to retailers through its AIC partners. Digitimes who has sources close to the upstream supply chain say that AMD will be giving the greenlight to its partners after announcing the Hawaii GPU in September after which manufactures including ASUS, MSI and Powercolor would be mass shipping the Hawaii GPU based cards to retail channels.

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