Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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AMD Curacao Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Card Pictured

Recently we have been hearing about quite some leaked details of the AMD’s upcoming versions of the Hawaii and Oland GPU and one more thrill for the fans arrives with the freshest leaks of the latest of all AMD’s Curacao Pro graphics card which will be coming out soon in its Pro and XT models. This latest mid range Curacao will replace the existing Radeon HD 7800 ‘Pitcairn’ based GPU and has already has its images leaked on a number of websites.

AMD Curacao Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Card

Though the name of the new graphics card has not been finalized as yet but there is one thing we are all sure about; the newest range of Curacao will be part of the Volcanic Islands series. There is still a confusion as to whether the Pro version of this card will be named as either R7-260 or R9-270 and the XT model is most likely to be tagged as the AMD R9-270X.

A newer approach has been taken forward with the latest Curacao as the revealed images show. The newer design of the card features a unique looking fan on top which has never been spotted before on the AMD cards. But there is nothing complicated about the way it works; whereas the Hawaii cards had a blower, this one has a simple fan which operates simply by pushing air towards a large circular aluminum fin heat sink. This cooler featured in the leaked images, with large cuts representing huge exhaust panels, is not in its final stage of deign so we might expect the final product to be a little different.

AMD Curacao Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Card

As for the details specific to the performance of the card itself, it holds on to a single 6-pin connector and the maximum TDP it can generate is of 150W. No other information has been revealed regarding any of the GPUs falling under the Volcanic Islands.

AMD Curacao Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Card

Source: UDTeam | News Archive

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