AMD Hawaii R9-290X GPU ‘Volcanic Islands’ Specifications & Benchmarks Revealed

One of the fastest performing GPU has been leaked out along with a few specifications, thanks to the efforts of Chiphell. The AMD’s Hawaii R9-290X GPU from the ‘Volcanic Islands’ series has beaten the NVIDIA Titan which was so far the best in performance and speed and was also one of the most expensive.


Expected to be available somewhere during the mid of October, the Hawaii R9-290X GPU would be built on the 28 nm process. The die size is prominently larger than the Tahiti however it is still 30 percent smaller than NVIDIA’s GK110 core. With this amazingly massive die size, the GPU has a 4 GB memory which is marking its territory across the 512-bit interface. The clock speeds for the graphics reach up to 1020 MHz and the memory’s functionality is featured at 1250 MHz. The Hawaii die features 4 Compute Units, each CU has 11 SMIDs which makes for 44 SMIDS results in 2816 stream processor count, 176 Texture mapping Units, 44 Raster Operators.


The model is available in both reference and non reference issues and where the reference model will feature a 4 GB memory, the ones who want a 6 GB memory can wait for custom built GPUs for this which will hopefully be available soon after the official launch.

R9-290X GPU comes equipped with two DVI and HDMI along with the display ports which will provide the ultimate display output medium. It features a 300W TDP design with the VRM supporting the 5 phase core and a 1 phase memory. Some complaints are expected as the GPU is expected to come along with some bumps, predominantly because of the lesser availability of the required driver but this won’t last for long.

For those wondering here are the benchmarks we have gathered from around the web. Of course the model name is blanked out for NDA reasons.














Source: Chiphell, UDTeam | News Archive