AMD Kaveri APU With 13 CUs Enabled Spotted

In Q4 of 2013 AMD is expected to launch their latest Kaveri APU for the desktop FM2+ platform. These new APU’s would feature the latest core architecture along with enhanced GCN graphics on a single die package. It looks like a 100W Kaveri APU (KV Spectre Desktop 100W 1305) was spotted on Sisoft Sandra’s benchmark along with some information regarding the GPU, memory and a few bandwidth tests. The model in question showed a total of 13 CUs, which amounts to 832 stream processors. That is just a CU less than the top HD 7700 series card, the HD 7790. That means it is more powerful than the HD 7750 / HD 7700 (10 CUs, 640 stream processors).

AMD Kaveri APU

The graphics for this APU goes by the name Radeon R5 M200. This was revealed by leaked catalyst drivers a while ago and uses the same naming scheme as the next generation discrete GPU’s from AMD (AMD R-200). The APU uses 128-bit DDR3 memory, that would mean that the higher frequency DDR3 memory you have in your system might actually come in handy. Kaveri’s APU graphics core is clocked at 600 MHz, we are not sure if there is a boost clock or not. Below are results of this APUs graphics die compared to Trinity and Richland.



GP Processing:
AMD Kaveri APU R5 M200 @600 MHz (DDR3-1600) – 709.6 MPix/s
AMD Richland APU HD 8670D @844 MHz (DDR3-2133) – 239.3 MPix/s

Memory Bandwidth:
AMD Kaveri APU R5 M200 @600 MHz (DDR3-1600) – 15.0 GB/s
AMD Richland APU HD 8670D @844 MHz (DDR3-2133) – 12.4 GB/s

GP Cryptography:
AMD Kaveri APU R5 M200 @600 MHz (DDR3-1600) – 9.4 GB/s
AMD Richland APU HD 8670D @844 MHz (DDR3-2133) – 3.8 GB/s

If AMD will be bringing out a desktop APU with a high stream processor count that could mean superior graphics and gaming performance for consumers at a low price. We are expecting to see a Kaveri APU launch by the end of this year.

Source: Planet 3DNow | News Archive

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