Next-Generation AMD Radeon Series Naming Detailed

For the longest time we have have known AMD graphics cards by their naming scheme of “Radeon HD xyz0” where the “x” denotes generation, “y” denotes market segment and “z” denotes variant. It looks like all of that is about to change when AMD unveils their Volcanic Islands GPU family later this month. If we use the same variables as before the naming would look more like “Radeon Ry xzi”, where the “i” could denote special features.


For example a new card could be called Radeon R9 280 X. The 9 would denote high-end market segment, which we know is currently held by the Radeon HD 7900 Series. The “2” would indicate generation and “80” would denote variant. “XT” would be full spec and would get the “80” marking. “Pro” would be partial spec and could have “60” and “70” marking. At this point it is unclear what the “i” (special feature) could denote. It seems like many different cards running early divers with this naming scheme have been showing up on the GPU-Z Validation database.

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