SteelSeries and Team Natus Vincere Introduce the Sensei RAW Na’Vi Edition

One of the greatest names in the gaming industry, SteelSeries introduced the latest gaming mouse; the all new Sensei RAW Na’Vi Edition. One of the most highlighted features of the latest gaming mouse include the laser sensors (pro grade level) and the highest class switches; all this to provide the maximum fun in gaming and to show users what the ultimate gaming experience really feels like.

SteelSeries Sensei RAW Na'Vi Edition

In yellow and black design, the mouse comes with an easy gripping posture and the bright-yellow LED illumination in 3 zones provides the most attractive feature. These three zones include the team logo, scroll wheel and DPI indicator. The eSports powerhouse of Ukraine has chosen the mouse as the ultimate weapon for the gamers and this is why it was designed collaboratively by SteelSeries and the team; to take into consideration all the feedback and preferences of their own communities.

SteelSeries Sensei RAW Na'Vi Edition

The Na’Vi’s CEO feels proud to state that the Sensei RAW Na’Vi Edition gaming mouse is all that a gamer uses to practice for big gaming tournaments and to win them. According to the CEO, it was a great pleasure of the company to be working with SteelSeries as they have been able to come up with the most powerful gaming mouse together.

The SteelSeries Engine software powers the gaming mouse which allows the gamers to customize various options. The software also makes it possible for gamers to store multiple profiles of their games. Priced at about $69.99, the gaming mouse is available currently on the web shop of SteelSeries.

Source: SteelSeries | News Archive