Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Leaked Photos Of The Rumored Gold iPhone 5S Back Housing

The rumors about the next generation iPhone are going crazy and it seems that Apple is finding it hard to keep the spy shots off the internet.

Gold iPhone 5S

We have come across many leaked photos of the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5S) and the lower cost model (iPhone 5C) and now here are some more photos showing iPhone 5S in a different color and a dual LED. We have already heard that Apple might add few more color options to the next iPhone and these leaked photos just confirm the rumors.

Gold iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S in the pictures have its white plastic panels on the back. The rest of the back is slightly gold colored though the lighting in the photos is not very ideal. The upper part of the back also has a hole for the dual LED flash which is next to the camera. The Sim card tray and the buttons are seen in the pics too but are not installed. Not to forget the previously leaked photos did not show these missing parts.

Gold iPhone 5S

Interestingly the iPhone label on the back is slightly thinner than before and the inside of the device is also different from iPhone 5. We will have to wait for September 10 and see if these are just rumors or this is actually a real Apple product.

Source: AppAdvice | News Archive

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