EK Releases New Water Block for ASUS DC2 Series GeForce GTX 780

EK Water Blocks has introduced a new full coverage water block for ASUS’s DirectCU II series of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards. The EK-FC780 GTX DCII water block will directly cool the GPU, VRM and memory as water flows directly over these critical areas. This will allow the graphics card and its VRM to remain stable under high overclocks.


The water block also features a very high flow design so it can be used in liquid cooling systems with weaker water pumps. The top of the block extends over the entire length of the circuit board (except for the clear acrylic version) and has two pre-drilled slots for LEDs (acrylic versions only). Up to four EK-FC780 GTX DCII blocks can be interconnected with EK-FC terminal or EK-FC Bridge & Link CSQ systems.


The EK-FC780 GTX DCII comes in three different variants, there is also an aesthetic retention backplate available.

– EK-FC780 GTX DCII – Nickel – €102.95
– EK-FC770 GTX DCII – Acetal+Nickel – €104.95
– EK-FC770 GTX DCII – Nickel (Original CSQ) – €104.95
– EK-FC770 GTX DCII Backplate – Black – €26.38

The blocks are already available for purchase.

Source: EK | News Archive

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