Intel To Showcase SSD Overclocking At IDF13 San Francisco

We already know that Intel will be launching its Ivy Bridge-E HEDT platform on September 11, 2013 and now it is all set to Showcase SSD Overclocking at IDF13 San Francisco.

Ivy Bridge-E may not be a huge upgrade over the previous Sandy Bridge-E but they do have their plus points like higher efficiency, lower power draw and now according to some sources these CPUs will allow SSD overclocking!! Now this might sound weird as SSD overclocking is not something very common. Intel will talk about this new SSD overclocking feature next month and details will be provided on how to overclock the SSD.


If you are very eager to know that how can SSD be overclocked we got you covered!! It is possible to overclock an SSD by increasing the SSD controller speeds which will boost the NAND Flash’s data transfer rate. According to Expreview , SSD overclocking might sound great but in reality the improvements will be minor as the main hurdle is Intel’s SATA 6GB /s interface. It would rather take Intel a year or so to upgrade to the SATA Express interface with rated speeds of 8 GB/s up to 16 GB/s.

The new SATA Express interface will be released next year when refreshed Haswell Z97 and H97 boards will be out. Once Intel releases the new SATA Express interface with the speeds of 8GB/s up to 16GB/s, overclocking will be more useful. Till then let’s wait for IDF13 and see what Intel have to say about SSD overclocking.

Source: Expreview | News Archive