Cooler Master Teases HAF Stacker Computer Case

According to a number of sources the Cooler Master HAF Stacker computer case will be unveiled later this month. Cooler Master wants us to get rid of all the false exaggerated reports on PC’s much awaited termination and just for now concentrate on the launch of its latest upcoming HAF Stacker computer case series.


We have come across a dedicated micro website launched by the company for its upcoming case, w which will apparently be world’s first “mod-tower” case. Although the site is still in a teaser mode, and appears like a jig saw puzzle along with a countdown timer which gives us the info on this upcoming device. Based on the same info, HAF Stacker case will make its retail debut after 50 days from now, so still some time to go!

The mutual combination of Cooler Master and Stacker series will result in a blend of spaciousness linked to Stacker Series. According to the company HAF (HIGH Air Flow) is a ground-breaking new product range that has elements of both.

Hang on users; you don’t have to wait much wondering about this new case, since the company has planned to unveil it on the 30th of this month at PAX Prime.

Source: Cooler Master | News Archive