HighPoint Launches the 2nd Generation USB 3.0 Storage Dock

The RocketStor 5422 is considered to be industry’s first USB 3.0 Storage Dock to deliver dedicated, 5 GB/s per-port performance. Each SATA bay has a SuperSpeed controller which assures its users to offer the fastest transfer rates possible for 6 GB/s devices over a USB connection. With The RocketStor 5422, one can use any off-the-shelf SATA disk – from today’s fastest SSD’s and high-capacity multi-terabyte hard drives, to low budget SATA I and II devices. This storage dock fully supports Mac and PC desktop and other portable computing devices.

HighPoint RocketStor 5422

The RocketStor 5422 is capable of delivering extraordinary levels of storage performance when paired with UAS capable USB 3.0 controllers and HBA’s. For your information, UAS (USB Attached SCSI) is a computer protocol that is used for transferring data to and from USB storage devices such as solid state drives (SSDs), HDD’s and thumb flash drives.

The RocketStor’s unique architecture ensures optimal performance for each SATA bay: ideal for dual-SSD configurations.

One size fits it all! The modular SATA bays are manufactured in way that they can support various combinations of 3.5″ and 2.5″ SATA SSD’s and hard drives. The RocketStor5422 supports all industry standard SATA HDD & SSDs with no capacity limitations at all! Continuous R&D ensures its compatibility with the highest capacity hard drives available in the market.

It is now available with a price of $99.00.

Source: HighPoint | News Archive