IBM Power8 Processor Detailed

IBM has released details on its massive 12-core Power8 microprocessor for cloud-based data center servers. The chips are considered to be one of the last “area of expertise processors” we are left with, which are opposing against the combined might Intel and Advanced Micro Devices with the x86 chip architecture. For your information, IBM still makes billions in income when it comes to the sales of servers and supercomputers that have Power chips.


These newest chips will act like a brain of huge computer systems that will keep the complex e-commerce systems consistent and on a go! But we are still unsure when will these be shipped.
Well about its size, the chip is 650 millimeters square, which is twice the size of the processor that Microsoft described for the Xbox One. It will be built with IBM’s 22-nanometer silicon-on-insulator manufacturing technology. If you want to have an idea of its complexity, its circuitry is like a 15-story building, it can actually fit in the palm of your hand.


Amazing ability it has, with its extra ordinary transfer rates i.e. a speed of 230GB per second. It has a 96MB memory cache embedded within the processor. Each core is twice as well-organized and proficient as those of the previous chips. Moreover, at a speed of 4 GHz, the chip has bandwidth of 256GB of data per second.


Source: WCCFTech | News Archive