Genius Releases the KB-G265 Gaming Keyboard

Genius has announced the release of the KB-G265 gaming keyboard, which is considered to be a “new and improved” version of the KB-G255. It’s specifically designed for gamers who want an affordable keyboard with lots of features.

Genius KB-G265 Gaming Keyboard

Product features of the KB-G265 gaming keyboard include the following:

• 20 anti-ghost keys
• 8 hot keys for internet and media controls
• Blue LEDs and Hotkeys
• 2 USB ports for mouse, headset or other USB devices
• 1000Hz polling rate for fast response

KB-G265’s outlook is based on all black exterior and blue LED back-lit keys which suit well for dark gaming environments and LAN parties. There is an option of turning off the back-light by using one of the hotkeys at the top of the keyboard. Eight in number, these hotkeys are a way to easy access to functions such as media playback, web browser control and more.

Key Response
The keyboard is equipped with 20 anti-ghost keys. The KB-G265 also includes a 1000HZ polling rate which gives a response time that is eight times faster than most standard keyboards having a 125Hz polling rates.

The KB-G265 has the keyboard cable recess on both left and the right side, totally cutting down the hassle of wire problem for gamers. It has two built-in USB ports. Besides, the keyboard is also equipped with small design features to help gamers. For instance, it includes eight silver key caps to highlight important keys.

Technical Specifications:
Interface support: USB 2.0
Body weight: 930g
Body size: 48.5 × 21 × 2.8cm (L x W x H)

Genius KB-G265 Gaming Keyboard

The KB-G265 gaming keyboard is now available in North America for $39.99.

Source: Genius | News Archive