Friday, September 21, 2018
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Closed Beta Sign-ups Open for Dead Island Epidemic

Closed Beta Sign-ups are open for Dead Island Epidemic an upcoming MOBA game made by Techland. To apply for access to the closed beta head over to the signup page and get signed up. If you get accepted you will be granted access to the Closed Beta and also the Forums.

Dead Island Epidemic

This game will take a different role than your traditional MOBA/ARTS games. It will have up to 12 players battling it out in 3 teams of 4, Not only to fight the other teams but to also fight the Islands Zombie hordes. The teams might team up against other teams or all group up together to fight super bosses

Dead Island Epidemic

Dead Island Epidemic will also allow players to customize their characters through a crafting system that will allow players to craft their own weapons. One a item is crafted you will be able to keep increasing and upgrading that item as well as add other items to it. This will allow the players to be able to match their character with their play style. This will offer a different game style than those offered by other games in the genre. I myself am excited and hope we can make it into the beta.

Dead Island Epidemic

For more info on Dead Island Epidemic head over to their site: here

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