Microsoft Xbox One Architecture Detailed

Up until now Microsoft has kept pretty quiet about the architectural details of their upcoming next-gen console Xbox One. At Hot Chip 2013 Microsoft unveiled the complete architectural details of the Xbox One, which boasts 5 billion transistors.


Key features of the chip are as follows:

• The high-performance chip has special processors further than the CPU and GPU which are responsible for tasks like, audio processing, video decoding and encoding, and other small game characteristics.
• The system is equipped with 5 billion transistors, and uses an eight-core AMD CPU code-named Jaguar, which Sony Is using in its upcoming PlayStation 4.
• The graphics processor is a Radeon GPU that has been customized for the Xbox One,
• The Xbox One system chip has 500GB of storage, 8GB of DDR3 memory and 47MB of on-die storage.
• AMD’s x86 CPUs are based on the Jaguar core, which were brought in for PCs, laptops and servers last year.
• The eight CPU cores are further divided into four cores with a total of 4MB of L2 cache.
• The graphics processor has the DirectX 11.1, which is Microsoft’s graphics engine that will control and influence games.
• It comes with a shared memory pool that can be utilized by CPUs, GPUs and other processors in the system.



On the whole, considering the key features; we can assume that the system will balance bandwidth well with its power requirements.

Source: TechHive | News Archive