White Version of Xbox One Surfaces as Employee-only Incentive

It looks like Microsoft will be producing a White version of their upcoming Xbox One console, but don’t get too excited. The white version at least for the time being appears to be limited to Microsoft Employees. Microsoft may offer the white version at a later time, but we have not heard of it being available to non-employees at launch.

White Xbox One

The photo you see above first surfaced on Reddit where the poster said the imaged was from a friend that works at Microsoft. The posted goes on to suggest that only full-time employees will have access to the white console.

If you have a good eye you can see the a bit of text on the front of the console that says “I MADE THIS” followed by smaller text that looks like it says “Launch Team”. The photo also gives us a date when this console will be available to employees still working at Microsoft at the time of launch. That date is 7/12/13.

In addition to getting the white limited edition console employees will be given 1 year of Xbox live, all single-player games and a special achievement. No bad at all!

Source: Reddit | News Archive

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