AMD’s A10-6700T 45 W APU Officially Released

AMD’s 45 APU the A10-6700T has been officially released. A10-6700T is considered to be the first ever 45W variant and is also available in 65W and 100W variants as well. The APU will feature a FM2 interface, and is going to be a Quad Core with 4MB L2 Cache. The A10-6700T’s will have a base clock that will be 2.5 GHz. It also features “The Dynamic Boost” which has been revealed to at 3.5 GHz. Besides this, Radeon 8650D graphics card is also present.

AMD A10-6700T

As for the graphics chip, it uses 384 Stream processors and runs at 720 MHz of its own, even though a boost condition can be entered, in which case performance jumps to 840 MHz
All things considered, that feature set isn’t bad for a TDP (thermal design power) of 45W.

AMD A10-6700T

A10-6700T is an eccentric on the CPU and APU market. Intel does plan to launch the Cherry Trail atoms ultimately, which will utilize the Broadwell GPU architecture and run on less than 6W. This will surely be a challenge for the 45W AMD processor, and the A10-6500T that will release later.

The A10-6700T has retailed in China for 1080 Yuan or 176 US Dollars. It should be under $150 in the western part of the world.

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Source: ChinaDIY | News Archive