Windows 8 RTC Bug Isolated and Fixed

Earlier we experienced PC’s running Windows 8 were having trouble handling RTC (real clock time), bechmarking website HWBOT banned the entire submissions from Windows 8 OS. Later we got to know that PC’s having Intel processors were the worst affected, while the AMD ones were less affected. The bug was intelligently fixed by an overclocker Christian Ney from Ocaholic who determined the actual root cause to it.


With a group effort of Christian Ney and CPU-Z author Frank Delatorre who together worked out a beneficial function that reads out four system timers in real time (ACPI, HPET, RTC, and QPC), and what DMI frequency is calculated based on each timer. All four timers generated a steady read out at a default bus frequency for an Intel processor (100 MHz). Whereas when the bus frequency was changed using a Windows based program, the RTC and QPC readouts off the bars. But when a system BIOS setup program is used, results are not the same.


On this result, we can figure out the fact that Windows 8 doesn’t use ACPI or HPET but instead an internal timer. Alas! A bug-fix was established to the problem, which has to be put-into operation through a command line setting.

Source: OCaholic | News Archive