Windows 8 Benchmark Records No Longer Accepted At HWBOT

Are you overclocking using Windows 8? Well we have some bad news for you, HWBOT will no longer be accepting Windows 8 benchmark results and they have invalidated all benchmark records that were recorded using Windows 8.


So why have they done this? Well here is what they have said about the Windows 8 problem.

“The problem builds on the problems we faced with Heaven. When downclocking the system under Windows8, the Windows RTC is affected as well. The biggest difference between Windows7 and Windows8 is that now all benchmarks (no exception) are affected.”

To give you an example they have downclocked the BCLK frequency of their Haswell system by about 6% from 130 MHz to 122MHz. Using a CPU ratio of respectively 32x and 34x, the resulting CPU frequency remains 4160MHz. Then they ran comparison benchmarks.


As you can see this causes a big problem. As many people could take advantage of this on Windows 8 systems. Because of this HWBOT will be doing the following:

– Block any seemingly out-of-line Windows8-based benchmark results
– Block any Windows8-based benchmark record, even if the score seems in line with the expectations

Source: HWBOT | News Archive

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