Unique Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Site

When starting an eCommerce business, you need to be prepared for the competition, which means thinking outside of the box when it comes to promoting your business. You will be very dependant on having a strong SEO strategy as part of your overall digital marketing. Still, the successful online stores are the ones that create a consistent and loyal following. Here are five ways to rise above your competition.

Go all out with your website.


Your website says a lot about you and your business. Highly impressive websites that are easy to navigate and load quickly will garner more repeat visitors. It is critical to avoid cutting corners on your website. Webolutions has the experience and knowledge to create a website that will reflect your personality and business while also offering customers a great experience. They offer companies both big and small great design services. Simply google “web design Denver” and you’ll find Webolutions. While based in Denver, CO, you can set up an initial consultation over the phone from anywhere to see what they can do for you.

Differentiate yourself from your competition


There are a lot of eCommerce sites out there that are likely selling products very similar to what you sell. You need to differentiate yourself with your service, packaging, website, and other offerings. Through branding, you can create an image and culture that caters to your target audience and creates a following even if what you are selling has plenty of competition. You can utilize social media, digital ads, blog posts, SEO, and more to develop and promote your brand and build a following.

Focus on what products you have to offer


Direct Liquidation sells pallets of returned merchandise from big retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. You can browse Walmart liquidation pallets online to decide the types of products you want to focus on selling and the investment you want to make based on the potential profit. When you are promoting your products online, focus on the quality and brand of the product in connection to the great price. Buying merchandise by the pallet means you will be able to resell the products at less than they are being sold through the major retailers. Use that difference to your advantage when promoting products.

Master social media


If you are not already a master of social media, that should be one of your first tasks (or hire an expert to help you get started). You can use social media to promote your website and products, and build a following of loyal customers. You can hold contests, offer sales, and run a live sale all through social media. You can create content that goes viral and brings thousands of people to your website. Learning how to use tags and keywords will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Contests are highly effective, and live sales give people a chance to get to know you personally. Companies like Death Wish Coffee are a great example of leveraging the power of social media for promotion.

Go offline


It seems like the whole world went online, but people are still operating in the real world. Promote your online business offline through traditional marketing techniques like business cards, postcards, sponsoring youth sports teams, and donating products to local charity raffles or auctions. It may seem counterintuitive to promote an online company offline. Still, anytime you can get your name and web address in front of new people, you are increasing your customer acquisition. Create interest by just putting your website address in the paper or on a billboard with no explanation. People may go to it just to see.