Unofficial ASUS “ProArt” Compatible 9.8L Compact Chassis Revealed

A really interesting chassis caught the attention of 3DCenter recently, the FF04 from Chinese case maker Xikii. This chassis is extremely interesting as it seems it was designed completely around ASUS’s ProArt graphics cards, specifically the ASUS RTX 4070 Ti ProArt model.

pro art case main

The really interesting thing about this chassis is that the corners of the case where the graphics card sits actually match up perfectly with the curves on ASUS’s ProArt model, making the entire thing look seamless. According to the product page the chassis will work with The RTX 4080, 4070, and 4060 series ProArt graphics cards as all of the models have the same dimensions of 300x120x50 mm.


The case makes use of a PCIe 4.0 extension cable and a 180-degree power adapter specifically made for the ProArt GPUs. You can see the power connector in the included photos. The company is taking pre-orders for the case at 3599 RMB ($500) US, so it is not necessarily a cheap case, but there are very limited SFF options for ProArt builds and this one is just elegant! With pre-orders happening now, the first shipments are expected to go out in April and mid-may.


Via VideoCardz, 3DCenter Tweet, Bilbili

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