Unroll Me Clears Your Inbox in an Instant

Unroll Me Offers Privacy and Freedom

Unroll.Me is a company that’s seeking to put a stop to spam and unwanted emails for good. The company offers a subscription-based service that interacts with your email’s inbox to instantly unsubscribe you at the touch of a button. The company currently offers the service free of charge and is available for use with the following email service providers:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • MSN
  • Microsoft Live
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • iCloud

The company states that it’s adding new email providers in the future. Currently, English is the supported email language format; however, the company is in the process of adding more options for non-English speaking users.

How Unroll Me Operates

Unroll Me uses IMAP and your contacts as a resource to provide the service through its software. Users see the Unroll Me app rather than their own email service provider’s interface. Users must grant permission for the service to work properly, and information on how to correctly set up the service is listed on the company’s website for the user’s convenience.

Top 10 Efficiency Apps of Use for Those in Search of Saving Time

Unroll Me is useful for email applications, and we’ve found other tips to pass along regarding services that are available for those that lead busy lifestyles and don’t have time to spare. The following services are also worthy of consideration:

  • Evernote
  • Google Keep
  • Pixlr
  • Todoist
  • RescueTime
  • Toggl
  • Trello
  • HelloSign
  • Foxit
  • Scanbot

These apps offer free versions for some and paid versions for those that want to avoid advertisements. Enriched and additional features are often available for a monthly fee with many apps.

Additional Useful Features With Unroll Me

Aside from providing time savings, Unroll Me can search for subscriptions to provide you with additional gatekeeping for items you may have forgotten about. The service is also able to detect emails that have been unsubscribed; however, they are still attempting to initiate contact. These items are sent to a trash can, so the user never even sees the attempt. The service also takes items you select and adds them into a digest that’s delivered as often as you’d like. Many users select this feature for companies and organizations that they do business with; however, wish to view their emails at their convenience. This feature is referred to at the Rollup. Users can also set priority levels for items, so they’ll see the most important items first.

Taking Advantage of Unroll Me

Unroll Me is free to use and doesn’t require any trial period as a lead-in to a recurring subscription. Those considering Unroll Me can access the company’s website for tutorials, FAQs, data disclosure information. You can find more information on how the service works and how to download the company’s app by visiting https://unroll.me/

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