Unusual Dating Apps: How to Find Your Match by Smell, Emotion, or Income

If earlier dating via the Internet was considered the field of those who almost gave up, now it is one of the most popular ways to find a soulmate. Even though this niche is considered conservative, companies have room to grow. According to the calculations of Social Discovery Ventures, the global online dating market has reached the $5 billion mark with an annual growth of 8.9%. We have collected the top dating apps that try to attract new users in a very unusual way.

1.  What’s Your Price?

“Unlike other dating sites, it is our responsibility to act ethically. This means that we care about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never use fake profiles or software bots. When we say there are more women than men, we guarantee it,” says Brandon Wade, founder of What’s Your Price confidently.

Wade prepared such a speech for a reason because the service allows you to find a partner, even an escort in Dubai like on https://sexodubai.com/ site, but first, you need to interest them financially. Before going on a date, users place bets on a partner. The issue price starts at $5. Status users are those users whose rates start at $200.

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2.  Smell Dating: Find by the Smell

This rather experimental app suggests finding a scent partner. As the developers themselves explain, our nose can determine, like no other sensory organ, whether a partner is right for us or not. “We are so accustomed to the visual part, to the interface, avatars, pictures processed in programs, that we forgot about our intuition,” the developers of Small Dating enthusiastically tell on the application page. The service invites users to start sniffing another user’s T-shirt and if you like the smell, ask for a date. By the way, the T-shirt should be worn for at least three days and the person shouldn’t use deodorant.

3.  Mingle Nerds: Geeks Are Everywhere

In case you spend all the time on the Internet, watch movies hugging pizza, or play Dota from morning to night, then welcome. The Mingle Nerds app allows you to find the same geeks. By registering, you can find partners who are fond of, for example, anime, comics, or gadgets coupled with technology.

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4.  League: Private Club

Due to the ever-growing number of fake accounts on dating sites, other users, especially those who make good money, began to worry about their own safety. All of this has led to the creation of a privileged, private dating club where candidates are carefully selected before they become high-grade users. To become a user of the League application, you need to confirm your financial status and membership in the elite in advance. Users who, for example, upload numerous photos with pets, are unlikely to become members of the League because it indicates the lack of a developed social side of life.

Whatever apps you use, no matter how reliable they seem, it’s best to always remember about safety and adhere to the basic rules of safe online dating.