Upcoming Microsoft Surface Devices to be Powered by AMD Hardware

Since Microsoft’s first Surface device they have always used Intel hardware as Intel offered better energy efficiency than anything AMD could offer at the time. According to reports it looks like Microsoft might be making a change over to AMD, using their Ryzen 3000U or Ryzen 3000H parts in their upcoming Surface devices.

ms surface 1

Microsoft is likely to be refreshing their Surface Laptop 2 with a 15-inch variant with AMD hardware inside. While these are just rumors, you could see just a single variant with AMD hardware, it does not appear than Microsoft is making a complete switch over to AMD as a majority of the Surface product stack will still be powered by Intel hardware. However, the fact that Microsoft is even considering AMD alongside Intel is definitely a win for team red.

One of the other big things that might happen at Microsoft’s Surface event on October 2nd is the unveiling of the dual-screen device we’ve been hearing about called Project “Centaurus”.

ms surface 3

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Via The Verge

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