Upgrading Your Gear For A Cinematic Looking Video

Having your YouTube videos being able to stand out in a crowd is the key to a high view rate and longer engagement on your YouTube channel. Video technology is getting better and better, with a price point that is dropping. Great gear is more accessible, which means the competition for viewers is higher than ever. We have a set of tips that will increase the cinematic quality of your YouTube videos and give you an edge on the competition.

Use A Gimbal for Smooth Footage

Smooth footage is important for a cinematic look. To get smooth video footage, you need to use a gimbal. A gimbal will keep your camera steady and eliminate any unwanted shake or vibration. This is especially important when shooting handheld footage.

There are a few different types of gimbals on the market. One type is a handheld gimbal. These are small, lightweight gimbals that you hold in your hand. Typically they are two or three-axis gimbals and can reduce most of the movement in your shots. They are great for shooting on the go and traveling. One great handheld gimbal is the DJI Ronin-S.

Another type of gimbal is a strap-on gimbal. These are gimbals that you attach to your body. They are great for keeping the camera steady when you are walking or running. The downside is that they can be a bit bulky, heavy, and expensive. One great strap-on gimbal is the Steadicam.

The final type of gimbal is the aerial gimbal. Aerial gimbals are designed specifically for drones. They mount to the bottom of a drone and stabilize the camera while it is in flight. Aerial gimbals produce some of the smoothest footage possible.

Picking the right gimbal requires you to have the best camera for YouTube. This camera has to fit the situations you are shooting in. You could choose from mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, or pocket cinema cameras, such as the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera. You need to find a camera that can capture footage in at least 4k, has an external mic input, good battery life, and optical image stabilization.

Shoot Scenes From Multiple Angles

Good films always shoot scenes from multiple angles. This gives the editor more options when putting the scene together. It also makes the scene more interesting to watch. The more interesting your video is, the longer you will keep your viewer’s attention on your YouTube videos.

When shooting your video, try to get coverage from multiple angles. This may mean setting up multiple cameras or just moving around a lot while you are shooting. If you have the budget, you can also hire multiple shooters. Shooting with multiple cameras allows you to get shots that would be impossible with a single camera.

Multi-camera setups also work great for wedding videography. When shooting weddings, it is important to cover your bases. Having multiple cameras allows you to capture every moment without missing anything important.

This is also helpful if you are filming something like a live concert. It would be nearly impossible to get all of the musicians in a video unless you have three or four people shooting it. Having many cameras recording for a single shot not only allows you to cover more, but gives you multiple options in the editing process to build a more enticing video.

Look for Creative Lighting

Creative and interesting lighting is important to build that cinematic quality in your videos. Cinematic lighting is characterized by dark shadows and well-defined light sources. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive lighting gear to get this look. There are a few things you can do to create better lighting with what you already have.

One thing you can do is use natural light. This can be tricky because the sun moves throughout the day. You have to plan your shoot around the time of day with the best lighting. You can also use bounce lights and reflectors to improve your shots. Bounce cards and reflectors help direct and shape the light source.

Another option is to turn on all of your available lights and adjust them accordingly. This can be harder than it sounds because you will need to move all of the lights around and find the right positions. This is why it is helpful to have an assistant or someone else there who can help with this process. You also want to avoid lighting your scene with harsh, direct lighting. Instead, use softer and more diffused light for a more cinematic look.

Don’t get too caught up in creating the perfect lighting for every shot. Cinematic lighting isn’t about getting it right all the time. It is about what looks best to your audience. Make sure that whatever you do has a purpose and enhances the overall feeling of the video.

Record High-Quality Audio

Audio is just as important as video when making cinematic videos for your YouTube channel. If the sound quality is bad, it will distract from the video quality and ruin the overall effect of your YouTube videos. You want to make sure that you use good quality audio gear when recording your audio. This means using a good external microphone and avoiding background noise.

A solution to this problem is using multiple mics and an external recorder. An external recorder records sound on a separate device from the camera. This allows you to record high-quality audio without capturing any unwanted noise in your video.

Having the ability to record multiple microphones simultaneously and choose the best one when editing your video is important. You can edit the audio in post-production, removing unwanted noises, to make it sound the way you want.

High-quality audio requires the best microphone for YouTube. There are multiple types of microphones such as a condenser mic, boom mic, lavalier mic, and a shotgun mic. You need to look for great audio quality and the ability to handle ambient noise effectively.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it’s important to consider all aspects of the video you want to make. From where and when you shoot your video, to how you edit it afterward, everything matters to achieve a cinematic look that will wow your audience. When shooting videos, always take into account the quality of light as well as audio gear. These considerations can help create high-quality content with a cinematic feel that is worth sharing on YouTube.