Use Your CPU and GPU to Help Fight Coronavirus

While many of you probably know about using your CPU and GPU to mine for cryptocurrency, you can also put them to good use by allowing organizations to use the power of your hardware for their research. One such organization is Folding@Home, which is a crowdsourced distributed computing platform. Basically you install and load the Folding@Home app on your computer and it runs in the background. Since the Coronavirus outbreak Folding@Home has allowed researchers to use their platform to assist the global fight against the virus.

We’ve setup a ThinkComputers team if you want to join: 242628

All you have to do is download the software, and set the “I support research fighting” to “Any Disease” and you should be good to go.

folding 2

It might take a little wile after you get the software up and running for you to get an assignment. I typically let the software just run in the background, although you can have it set to only run when you are idle, etc.

If you need help setting this up you can either comment below or join our Discord and we will be sure to get you up and running.

While you might not think loaning out your CPU and GPU power is doing anything in the fight against Coronavirus, it will definitely speed up the process of finding a vaccine and help eliminate dead-ends for the cure.

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