V-Color Manta XSky 32GB DDR5-6600 Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts

This is our second kit from V-Color and just like the first we are quite impressed. Just based on speed this is actually the fasted DDR5 memory kit we’ve tested to date at 6600 MHz. It also has some pretty solid timings of 34-40-40-105 at 1.4V. Now with these speeds you are going to want to make sure your motherboard will support this memory. We actually had to update our motherboard’s BIOS to even be able to run it at 6600 MHz.

Obviously we received a customized kit with our logo on it, which looked quite awesome! If you are looking to buy this kit it will just have the XSky logo on it. The heatspreaders themselves are pretty basic with just a large “V” on them, but if you do opt for the silver color it really is a chrome and will reflect off of your motherboard. On top of that you do have the RGB lighting, the diffuser does a good job of making the RGB LEDs look like a single light bar.

V-Color Manta XSky 32GB DDR5-6600 Memory Kit

When it comes to pricing it is a bit hard to find this specific kit for sale on our favorite online retailer. We did find a 6600 MHz kit that has timings of 32-39-39-102 1.4V, but this kit is the ROG certified kit. This kit is $289.99, which is the same price V-Color lists on their website for the kit that we reviewed. Overall ThinkComputers gives the V-Color Manta XSky 32GB DDR5-6600 Memory Kit a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Fastest DDR5 memory we’ve tested
– Available in 4 different colors
– Great RGB lighting
– Silver is actually chrome, which looks great

– Pretty basic heatspreader

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