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A Review of Video Slot Games operators Like Endorphina and How They Compare with Older Slots Like Netent


Today we will be reviewing three main casino software: Endorphina, Netent, and Betsoft. We will showcase each of these by drawing your attention to four main slots games under each section.

Endorphina Slots

There are 4 games in total to point out under the Endorphina Slots.

1) Slot Satoshi’s Secret is one of the more exclusive products under Endorphina. The software is designed with Bitcoin in mind, more specifically, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Players get transported into a parallel universe where they can become hackers. Players need to crack the codes and other cyber databases to win a nice prize. This software is very similar to the setup of the Matrix movie. The benefit to this game is that players get 6 reels and 20 pay lines, which opens up more opportunities for them.

Once a player gets to the QWERTY bonus level, they can hack into 3 difficult bank accounts consisting of yellow, green, and red. Each of these accounts has their own prize. Players who reach the Trading Bonus Game will get to simulate trading found on the Forex sites.

2) The Ninja is the second gaming software to be included in the Endorphina slots. There are 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This game has a martial arts feel to it.

3) The Fairytale is the third one to be included. Fairytale is considered by many as the prequel to Satoshi’s Secret. It still has the same popularity. Players who wish to try Satoshi’s Secret need to get acquainted with this one first. This software game has everything from winged-fairies to free spins with cages and birds.

4) Jetsetter is one of the latest ones to be released, though it was released back in the fall of 2015. Players who like the lavish lifestyle will like this one. This game has everything from fancy cars and private planes to living the glamorous life, which is why it is called “Jetsetter”. Anything you image happens in this world does.

The one thing you will not find in this game is reels. You will find torn bills instead. The bills are used to mark the wealth and prestige. Players who see bills attached to each other will see an increase in the bet. Two bills attached worth $20 are now worth double.

The Betsoft Slots

1) Mr. Vegas is the first one to mention. It is designed as a 3D slot. The game is designed around the character of Mr. Vegas. He is the king of the hill, as you might think. He lives a lavish lifestyle and is surrounded by pretty girls, expensive champagne, and a lot of money. The game consists of bonus rounds, 30 pay lines, and a lot of jazz.

2) There is Rook’s Revenge. Players get to go on a jungle hunt in the middle of South America.

3) Four seasons came on in February of 2016. This slot is Asian-themed, 3D graphics, and a Chinese horoscope. It has 5 reels, 25 pay lines, and the spinning wheels are replaced with stone blocks.

4) A Christmas Holiday was released before the New Year in 2016. The game is based on the Charles Dicken’s classic. The main character is a lot like Scrooge. He is visited by 3 ghosts, etc. This game has definitely become a video slot for the newer generations.

Netent Slots

1) Gonzo’s Quest. This one is a favorite for a lot of players. The story center around Eldorado, a city of wealth and gold. Gonzo shows each player a way to success with prizes. Players win by getting 3 symbols in a row. Once the player wins, the stones explode and a new journey begins.

2) Jack and the Beanstalk is another player favorite. The software works a lot like the story. The goal is for the player to make it to the top and win the 600,000 in coins. This game is one of the first virtual reality games presented in 2016.

3) Space Wars is a 3D space-mission game. You do not have free spins or bonus rounds, but you do the wild symbol and the respin option. Every time you win an alien gets cloned, increasing the odds of more winning combinations.

4) The Koi Princess is the last one to mention. The theme is centered around Japanese anime. This is the first and only game to use this theme under the Netent software umbrella. It has everything from bonus rounds to free spins.

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