VideoDuke as the discovery: the Best Video Downloading Program for Mac

Last years the popularity of watching movies, different shows, and videos on youtube increased enormously. Moreover, there are many ways to watch movies without leaving your home or office in your leisure time. Don’t complicate things – relax, DOWNLOAD the film, take popcorn and enjoy watching it with your family and friends. To download a movie means to make watching the movie unforgettable. In another case, you’ll face some difficulties as the high-definition video will rattle your connection speed, or some online streaming websites will be slow to playback movies.  If you are outdoor, but you’d like to watch videos offline, try to prepare in advance and download your favorite films. In both situations, you need to look for the app, because not all streaming websites offer the function to download. So, we have a brilliant solution for you, and we are sure that you’ll be thrilled by it. We wish to share with you our discovery, which is called VideoDuke video downloader. This app is the best Vimeo Downloader for MAC that downloads videos from over 1000 best video streaming websites including such popular destinations as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Flickr.

video duke 2

VideoDuke is the smart video download app, which is designed by Eltima Software and achieves compatibility with all Mac platforms. This incredible program is developed to overtake and outdo all other apps in this specific area. VideoDuke places the first among the video downloaders Mac and supports different file formats. Moreover, it has quick access buttons. They allow you to find the required video via the in-built search and make it comfortable to use. So, if you think that the biggest advantage of VideoDule is to download videos to your local drive, you’ll be wondered about other brilliant functions. Well, we would like you to look through all its features as quickly as possible to make you realize why we chose it as the best one.

What Features make VideoDuke the top of choice

Mac Video Downloader for Mac

The first and the main thing which VideoDuke stands out from other video downloaders MAC is its interface. You know, sometimes interface is more important than all the functions, because that’s it can turn potential visitors to regular users. So,  from the first moment you see VideoDuke’s interface, you will feel very comfortable. That’s because it looks like  Safari browser. The developers of VideoDuke didn’t just make it looks similar to Safari.  The thing is thanks to its similar interface VideoDuke attracts new users and helps them to start using the program from the first moment.

The fantastic feature of  VideoDuke that allows it to surpass other video downloaders MAC is the users can download videos in any quality from 144 p up to 8K, and they have no limitations. At last, you can save HTML5 videos without speed or quality limitations and watch them online without omitting important details. Moreover, another problem that video downloaders MAC users often face is the format of the video. Fortunately, we cannot worry about it with VideoDuke. Well, it lets you download the same video in multiple file formats like 3GP, MP4, M4V, M4V, FLV. Also, VideoDukes makes it possible to get the subtitles for YouTube videos, if they are available. In addition to the above, this video downloader for mac provides the download of the entire YouTube channel to your Mac.

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The other great thing that you should know about VideoDuke is that it can download both videos and music. Well, in case of, if you are a music lover, you should also know some more additional functions of this app. Let’s imagine the situation when you are watching different videos on Youtube, and suddenly you listen to a terrific track. Do you want to download this track? So, VideoDuke will help you to do it easily. It allows its users to download only the audio track instead of downloading the whole video. In order to do it, you need to go to the “Audio” tab in VideoDuke window and save MP3 audio from YouTube. Also, VideoDuke offers to choose the quality of audio. Moreover, if you have already downloaded the video on your device, it’s possible to convert it to audio.

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Hope, looking through all the incredible features of VideoDuke you’ll realize at last why it is the top choice. This program stays far beyond the realm of usual video downloaders MAC. It affords you multiple functions as the selection of desired video formats, qualities, and a very comfortable and easy to use interface. Also, it allows you to download videos from all the most popular streaming platforms and social networks. So, at last, we can stay at home or be on a trip and be sure that with VideoDuke we are always safe and feel comfortable.