VideoProc review: the easiest way to edit and process GoPro 4K / large videos

Video-editing is an art that requires practice, consistency and effort. Practise and perfection happen overtime but it all works out well if you use the correct technique and software. Especially when you are looking to edit a video for the first time or need something to be quick and easy, having a right video editing application with you can work wonders.

Talking about videos, the most painful and yet the most fruitful task is when we use and edit GoPro videos or look to edit large videos. Not only are these videos of prime importance in terms of quality and content, they are also the ones that only work with well-developed and stable video editing softwares.

There may be variety of problems that come up with GoPro  4K and large video.  GoPro studio for Mac or Windows was the go-to solution as an editing application but now that it has been discontinued, the crisis of a good video editing software has begun.

The Pain Points You May Meet When Edit GoPro 4K / Large Videos

  • Computer lags surround you

Majority of softwares are slow and unstable when it comes to processing large videos. Either they do not play GoPro HEVC files and if they do, the screen freezes or the computer lags all the time. As you further try to edit, the video loses its smoothness, starts splitting and starts using too much CPU processing.

  • Quality doesn’t last

GoPro usually shoots highly large sized videos in 4K or 1080p which either need to be converted for editing and export or the format has to be changed. In fact, with most editing application HEVC videos have to be changed to H.264 for playback. Large sized videos, even after conversion become difficult to export in a desirable format while ensuring the quality remains maintained.

All said and done, GoPro takes the lead in being a top-notch video shooting method and provides one with amazing content to use. However, with many problems arising with editing the same and the official GoPro studio being discontinued, one needs to look at the best possible alternative.

Talking about Alternatives, VideoProc is the first name that pops up in our heads. Known for being easy, simple and a stable application for editing large videos, it suits best when it comes to GoPro or any other videos.

A master in being a 4K video editor, VideoProc functions at par, if not better as compared to the old GoPro studio.

en process edit video

Why Choose VideoProc in GoPro 4K / Large Video Editing

  1. Keeps it Easy

With VideoProc, you get a lightweight, high functionality and friendly userface design for all your video editing needs. Not only does it effectively edit large videos, but it also ensures the smoothness and quality is maintained. Being a non-professional software, it gives users the right options and learning curve to function. Moreover, there are no lags or errors during upload or exporting any GoPro video files. When it comes to providing support and quality, VideoProc provides safe hands for you to edit large videos and even 3D videos.

  1. Powerful Video Editing features

With VideoProc worrying about anything and everything becomes absolutely unnecessary. It provides you with all main features like edit, cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, flip, add effect subtitle, enhance any videos, Gif etc. Moreover, if needed, you can also use additional features like deshake, denoise, correct lens distortion, A/V sync, GOP, adjust speed, etc. To top it all, the best feature is the full GPU acceleration which ensures fast processing and low CPU usage even when you are working with 4K or GoPro videos. In fact, it ensures that it uses Intel right for no computer crashes.

videoproc screenshot

  1. Support Any 4K and Large Videos

With VideoProc, you do not have to worry about compatibility or formatting issues. It works well it MP4, HEVC, M2TS, MKV, etc. and 1080p in 240 fps while 1440p in 60/30/24 fps. Moreover, GoPro videos or any files can be upscaled or downscaled while changing formats. Afterall VideoProc has 370 input codes and 420+ output format to offer. With speed, quick downloads and record screen feature, VideoProc ensures that nothing stops you from getting the best edited video on your desktop.

A software that works for both Windows and Mac, a software that edits with a strong conversion, a software that is effective, what else can you need?

Oh, it also have a giveaway going on right now where like a cherry on top of a cake, you will get access to their free licensed version!

Go to get VideoProc for free by visiting this  “GoPro Studio” guide!

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