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4k videos offer a video resolution that can be said as the edge of any video quality. Many of the big names such as Netflix and YouTube are making use of the 4k videos to provide the maximum satisfaction to the viewers, the famous action camcorders and mobile phones like GoPro, iPhone also provide the option to record 4K videos. Generally, we need to edit, convert and process 4K video because of its huge-size. According to a test, it will take up 493MB of memory to record a 60-secod 4K@30ftps videos with GoPro HERO4.

Video editing can be a hectic task if you do not have a proper tool for it. Some big applications may lag and freeze in a consumer-level computer. Most people maybe not professional at advanced software like Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Vegas.

VideoProc : An Easier & Faster Video Editing Solution

Digiarty Software has been there in the software development industry since the year 2006 and now it has come up with the amazing video software VideoProc. It took about a year for the company to design the software and now it is ready for its final release campaign.

VideoProc can be your best friend if you are someone who need an easy, stable and fast tool to process & edit 4K or large-size videos, such as convert, download, trim, cut, merge, crop, subtitle, watermark, etc. It has been specially designed for people who wish to process and edit videos that are recorded through devices such as the smartphones, HD cameras, drones, and others. It is not only a great option for users who are not very much technically sound and hence are not able to use the professional editing tools, also for professional people who want to adjust related parameter for best output. If you have software that is not capable of processing high-quality videos, then also, this is the right software for you.


Built with level-3 GPU acceleration tech, this 4k video processing software can take full advantage of Intel QSV, AMD and Nvidia CUDA/NVENC to process and edit videos at 47x real faster speed and without compromising quality. This tech also makes VideoProc to be the best video editing software for  a number of high-quality video types such as:

  • 4K videos,
  • Huge-sized videos,
  • Videos shot at higher speed.


VideoProc : A Simple Yet Powerful Video Editing Software

VideoProc is a lightweight software with only 47.0 MB. It’s fast to download and easy to install on your computer. Just a few seconds, the installation is completed.


Launch this program, we will notice that VideoProc is a synthesis of Video Processing, DVD video conversion & backup, online video downloading and video recording software. The most core function of this 4k editing software is the part of Video that comes with a complete video toolbox to cut, trim, edit videos; to convert or compress large 4K 8K videos, HD MKV, HEVC, MP4 and other video at ultra fast speed and perfect size-to-quality ratio.


To enter VideoProc- Video by clicking “Video” table in the above main UI. From the following VideoProc- Video UI, we can hit “+Video”, “+Video Folder” or “+Music” to load our target video or music files that we want to process. Then we have the many options to choose Target Format, such as:


Video: Here we can choose the mainstream video formats as output to convert your source videos. VideoProc supports almost all video formats, such as, MP4, AVI, MPEG4, FLV, HEVC, MOV, MKV, WEBM, 3GP, etc. Click “Video” in the underface of this UI -> hit “+”, we will see more output formats.

Device: VideoProc pre-sets 350+ output profiles for mobiles, e.g. Apple device (iPhone XS/MaX/XR, etc.) Android device, Microsoft device. It is really a help for people who want to convert videos for playback on their phones and tables.

Music: It allows us to convert music between any popular audio formats, for example, MP3, AAC, FLAC, AC3, OGG, etc.

Popular: VideoProc will intelligently remember your previous selected output formats. This area will list frequently-used output to facilitate our conversion.

Toolbox: The software allows many other editing and processing of the videos at a much faster speed. Some of the basic options are cut, crop, merge, trim, split, rotate, or filter the video. The video can also be provided with a watermark, deshake, denosie, GIF, M3U8  in this option.


Also, other adjustments can be made such as that of the brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, and others. The audio files can also have some adjustments done in their volume, audio delay, and the background noise. If the video is recorded using a GoPro camera, the video can be adjusted for stabilizing its shakiness, correcting the fisheye or even converting it to a GIF.

Also, after the adjustments are made to the video, there is an option to add up titles or texts to the video. One of the major features is that the software can offer you adjustments in the resolution, codec, bitrate, and other options of the video. You can choose from a wide range of filters, effects, and colors to edit 4k video or the other formats.


Apart from these adjustments, there are several benefits that you can use such as:

  • Importing and exporting of subtitles so that the videos can be searched using them,
  • Recording screen or the webcam,
  • Videos from DVDs can be extracted and converted,
  • Videos and audios from various online sites can be also downloaded,
  • It presets for different devices, editing applications, and also web videos,
  • The software has the feature of changing the format to HVEC with the best quality,
  • The videos can be compressed and that too with the perfect quality.

So, the software can offer you so many functions and that too with quite an ease and fast results.

Concerned about your computer? Do not be because the software, while offering the functions also takes care of the device on which you are using it. It has much lesser usage of the CPU, and also maintains the temperature.

You can also use the feature of transition or music and audio adjusting. Finally, the video will be ready and you can export it to your device or to a hard drive or other external storage for use.

Get a Free License Key of VideoProc Today

Reading through the features and the amazing quality of the software, if you are still in dilemma, you should surely get it once in order to know it in a proper way.

To celebrate the release of VideoProc, Digiarty is giving away this nice 4K video processing software to all users. Below are the steps to obtain & activate the license key.


Step 1: go to the tutorial page of “How to resize 4K videos”

Step 2: click the “Free Download” button to get the setup file. Then you will see the license code.

Step 3: To activate the key, go to “Register” > paste the key > “Activate” after installation.

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