Want to Remove Your Personal Info from Google? Here’s How

Have you ever performed a search on Google using your full name? If you haven’t, go ahead and give it a try now and then come back to read more. We’ll wait…

Were you surprised by the results? A lot of people are! In fact, most people don’t realize just how much personal information is out there, right on Google for anyone and everyone to find super easily.

But there is something that you can do about it. Check out the tips below to find out how you can remove your personal information from Google and other websites that make it easy for strangers to gather details about you.

What Can Google Do For You?

Google has an entire support page with information on how you can remove your personal information from the search engine. Basically, they will help you remove information about you that might put you at risk of fraud, identity theft, and other types of harm. And if there are legal reasons for removing your data, Google can help with that as well. Plus, there is also a link to remove outdated content about yourself. After reading more information about the type of removal request you want to pursue, you can follow Google’s instructions to get it done.

The thing to keep in mind is that, even if Google removes your info from Search, that data about you might still be on websites that people can access using other search engines or social media websites, as a couple of examples. Therefore, it’s also a great idea to go to individual websites and request that your personal information be removed.

Start by Performing a Search of Your Name

Type your full name into the Google search field. See what results come up, and perhaps compile a list of the websites that are hosting your personal information. That way, you can keep things nice and organized.

Once you know where your personal info is being hosted, you will know which sites you need to contact. If it’s a website that is sharing information that you want removed, contact the owner of the website. On the other hand, if it’s a database that makes it easy to find people’s contact details, like addresses and phone numbers, you can browse the pages for opt out options. For example, your information might be on Spokeo, but you can find instructions for a Spokeo opt out to get your data removed swiftly.

Use Resources That Make the Process Quick and Easy

You can go to individual websites yourself and use the opt out feature. For example, you can head to Whitepages opt out and ask that they remove your personal info right away. But if you want to save time and reduce the stress involved with going to all of these websites individually, you can use a resource like OneRep, which will search the web to determine which sites are hosting your information. Then, you can request that your information be removed from all of them at once. Super simple!

Whether you decide to go directly to a resource like FastPeopleSearch opt out and have your info removed one website at a time, you go to Google to remove certain content, or you use a tool like OneRep is entirely up to you. The most important thing is to know that you have the power to remove your personal info if you want.